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Dimmit County Death Index 

The Dimmit County Texas Death Index contains information about deaths registered in the county from about 1903 through the year 1981.

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Name Death Date Sex Age Notes Links
Abad, Juanita23 Sep 1978F85

Abila, Luciano25 May 1906M60

Abiles, Enriqueta Sauceda15 Aug 1953F39

Abnendarez, Cresencio12 Jul 1976M77

Abrego, Cleofas V26 Sep 1979M91
Abrego, Juanita C12 Sep 1978F86
Acevedo, Francisco Chaves27 Jan 1980M63

Acosta, Claudio Jr25 Jun 1976M20

Acosta, Gustavo Rodriguez26 Oct 1960M56

Adalpe, Felipe O.16 May 1973M81

Adalpe, Victor19 Sep 1935M12

Adame, Isidro07 Nov 1976M93

Adame, Maria Sifuentes15 Jan 1972F83

Adams, France Marion11 Jan 1907M72

Adams, Gregory08 Sep 1952M84

Adison, A. W.23 Aug 1940M70

Adkins, Minnie Mannering30 Dec 1956F81

Adson, -20 Jul 1935M0

Aguero, Daniel16 Mar 1942M29

Aguero, Eugene09 Sep 1949M9

Aguero, Gloria28 Apr 1946F1

Aguero, Maria Luisa24 Jun 1941F0

Aguero, Jr., Pedro04 Dec 1943M1

Aguerro, Infant14 Apr 1939F-

Aguilar, Antonio22 Jan 1955M15

Aguilar, Augustina A.15 Sep 1946F57

Aguilar, Eduarda03 May 1935F18

Aguilar, Filomena05 Oct 1941F66

Aguilar, Halario30 Mar 1937M52

Aguilar, Ignacio15 Sep 1974M75
Aguilar, Manuel Sanchez21 Dec 1954M0

Aguilar, Maria P27 Apr 1977F67

Aguilar, Mary Ellen29 Jan 1965F0

Aguilar, Patria12 Mar 1950F1

Aguilar, Patricia16 Apr 1951F1

Aguilar, Ponejosa10 May 1947M85

Aguilar, Santos01 Nov 1946F0

Aguilera, Jose Manuel15 Jan 1980M-

Aguilera, Teresa12 Jan 1939F1

Aguinaga, Esperanz27 Apr 1942F1

Aguire, Baby06 May 1933M-

Aguirre, Barbarita Chaires12 Jan 1967F81

Aguirre, Domingo18 Jun 1939M1

Aguirre, Ernesto15 Sep 1966M1
Aguirre, Magdaleno23 Mar 1970M80
Aguirre, Manuela21 Dec 1938F16

Aguirre, Maria23 May 1940F1

Aguirre, Maria Andrea16 Jun 1940F1

Aguirre, Martina16 Jan 1936F62

Aguirre, Matias03 Jun 1964M83

Aguirre, Pedro04 Jan 1932M3

Aguirre, Tibursio30 Dec 1929M47
Aguirre, Tomas15 Mar 1969M53

Alaniz, Francisco18 Mar 1970M69
Alaniz, Gilberto14 Sep 1967M7

Alaniz, Gregoria01 Nov 1981F68
Alaniz, Tomas03 Oct 1981M69

Albarado, Candelario06 Jun 1930M1

Albarez, Maria Magdelina16 May 1949F-

Albrecht, Helen21 Feb 1942F56
Alcantara, Eugenio08 Feb 1969M79

Aldape, Manuel N.11 Apr 1980M82
Aldape, Marcelo30 Oct 1929M0

Aldape, Ruben16 Nov 1972F69
Aldredge, Shirley Roxanna06 Mar 1976F80

Alejandro, Octoaiano08 Jun 1951M71

Alejandro, Rafael09 May 1941M-

Aleman, Desura11 Apr 1936M70

Aleman, Jose29 Jun 1940M38

Aleman, Leon08 Mar 1941M-

Alexander, John H.09 Apr 1943M80

Alexander, Joseph Elbert08 Aug 1961M87
Alfaro, Antonio26 Oct 1935M0

Alfaro, Francisco19 Apr 1979M80

Alfaro, Jesusa04 Feb 1939F-

Alfaro, Ramon01 May 1979M74
Alfaro, Renaldo13 Jun 1929M-

Alfaro, Romulda21 Jan 1955M90

Alfaro, Sofia22 Apr 1937F-

Alford, Nathan Athinal10 Dec 1957M46

Alford, Virgil Carl24 Oct 1973M86
Allala, Guadalupe09 Jul 1932F16

Allinder, Thomas William06 Sep 1939M66
Allison, George Baxter09 Sep 1970M84
Almand, Joseph Barton13 Nov 1954M67
Almendarez, Lola H14 May 1977F64

Alonzo, Guadalupe27 May 1945M-

Alonzo, Juanita01 Aug 1959F-

Alonzo, Marcos01 Oct 1974M60

Alvarado, Agustin29 Aug 1935M1

Alvarado, Bacilio17 Feb 1960M78

Alvarado, Bruno10 Sep 1940M59

Alvarado, Concepcion E.13 Aug 1949F45

Alvarado, Eugenio30 Jan 1977M80
Alvarado, Gregoria27 Nov 1941F40

Alvarado, Jose Martiano04 Jul 1930M0

Alvarado, Juan B.06 Nov 1973M84
Alvarado, Melquiades D.26 Nov 1969F85
Alvarado, Panfilo05 Jun 1979M64
Alvarado, Pedro05 Feb 1929M21

Alvarado, Refugia Banda04 Jun 1959F95

Alvarado, Silbera Sanchez20 Jun 1930F22

Alvares, Juana08 Jun 1944F63

Alvares, Marselena18 Jun 1934F1

Alvarez, Crescencio Jr29 Apr 1976M30

Alvarez, Domingo Felix10 Nov 1965M26

Alvarez, Irma Ada10 Nov 1965F29

Alvarez, Maria Francisca10 Nov 1965F37

Alvarez, Stillborn17 Jun 1938M-

Alvirez, Still Born16 Feb 1930F0

Amaya, Agustina V.27 May 1975F71

Amaya, Hermigildo17 Dec 1931M68

Amescua, Maria Luisa12 Mar 1940F1

Anderson, Ardelia Jane07 Jan 1946F82
Anderson, Clarence Edward01 Dec 1963M71
Anderson, Forrest Richardson31 Dec 1941F45

Anderson, Josiah Simpson19 Jan 1941M79
Anderson, Samuel Robert23 Apr 1935M64

Andreas, Harry Robert25 Jan 1944M67
Apolinar, Noemi18 Jun 1954F0

Appleman, Ernest Eugene22 Nov 1958M83
Arambula, Baby20 Dec 1938M-

Arambula, Ramon13 Feb 1942M0

Arce, Marian11 Oct 1935F1

Arellano, Eleazar23 Apr 1953M0

Arias, Juan03 Nov 1980M74
Arizmendez, Maria G.24 May 1978F72

Armstrong, Avery02 Mar 1963M65
Armstrong, Eva Lee13 Sep 1935F41
Arreaga, Julia17 Aug 1945F45

Arredondo, Apolonio11 Jul 1931M77

Arredondo, Damasia Tello20 Oct 1980F93

Arredondo, Guadalupe21 Dec 1978M68

Arredondo, Ishmael17 Jun 1933M48

Arredondo, Jovita02 Aug 1930F78

Arredondo, Manuelita27 Nov 1921F-

Arredondo, Nicolasa C31 May 1977F85

Arredondo, Teresa05 Nov 1942F72

Arreola, Refugio19 Jul 1949M42

Arriola, Pedro18 Jul 1942M69

Arsala, Jose28 Mar 1937M29

Arzala, Casimira28 Nov 1936F1

Asebedo-, Longino15 Mar 1939M65

Askew, Grace21 Aug 1911F17
Askew, John Wilson29 Mar 1933M75
Askew, Wilson Boyd17 Feb 1972M76
Astran, Grgorio08 Dec 1980M82

Atkins, Mary Jane26 May 1952F65

Atkins, William Thomas12 Jan 1971M59

Avala, Mario C.10 May 1951M0

Avalos, Francisco R31 Jul 1977M62

Avalos, Matias Barrera21 May 1964M76
Avalos, Nabor15 Apr 1954M104

Avila, Gilberto02 May 1974M73
Avila, Jose Refugio15 Dec 1969M74
Avila, Paula26 Apr 1965F56

Ayala, Benigno28 May 1974M84

Ayala, Hilario R.11 Jun 1971M63

Ayala, Maria T.14 Sep 1978F68

Ayala, Pablo24 Feb 1969M55

Ayers, Infant16 Jan 1934M0

Ayers, Lottie Pauline24 May 1960F69
Ayers, William Lafayette17 May 1967M81


Thanks to Bert Bell who made the paper copy of the Dimmit County Death Index.

Thanks to the Dimmit County Clerk, Mario Z. Garcia, for releasing the information for use on the Dimmit County GenWeb page.


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