1887 Tax Roll
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1887 Frio County Tax Roll

The following named individuals were on the Frio County 1887 tax rolls. Those who have no property indicated next to their names had other taxable commodities such as businesses, live stock, etc.

I tried to copy the names off the microfilm as annotated, however, there were times when I could not quite distinguish what was annotated so I placed a question mark next to the name in question. Since these are tax records I suspect there is more accuracy here as compared to a census. Nevertheless, please be open minded about the possibility of spelling errors. (John Hawley)

This listing was made by John Hawley in 1999.

Last Name:

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Name Property Links
Adams, A.D. 160 acres
Adams, J.O. 160 acres
Adams, Mrs. J.A. 160 acres
Adcock, R.H. 160 acres
Adcock, W.E.
Allee, A.Y. 11780 acres - also owned 9 lots and 52 blocks in Pearsall
Allen, Jno.

Alston, H.F.

Anderson, Alford

Applewhite, Thos. B. 1995 acres
Armstrong, J.M. 100 acres
Armstrong, Sam C. 640 acres
Armstrong, Wm. 4380 acres
Arnold, Dan 2242 acres
Austin, A. G.

Austin, A.W. 160 acres
Ayer, Wm

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