1910 Tax Roll
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1910 Frio County Tax Roll

The following named individuals were on the Frio County 1910 tax rolls dated October 8, 1910. 

This information was extracted from microfilm files located at the San Antonio Main Library Genealogy Department.

Assessor: J.C. James 
County Judge: Leo W. Curtis 
Commissioner Precinct 1: Richard Nelms 
Commissioner Precinct 2: J.T. Bush 
Commissioner Precinct 3: R.L. Wolfe

Some residents owned acreage. Others owned city/town property. While others owned both. If you find a name with no property notation then they owned other taxable commodities such as live stock, business, etc. If a city (locale) is indicated that means that individual owned (lots/blocks) within that city.

I placed a "?" next to names where the spelling might be incorrect. Also, it was difficult to distinguish between some initials "T" and "F".  (John Hawley)

This listing was made by John Hawley in March 2000.

Last Name:

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Name Acres Lots/Blocks Links
Adams, A.D. 320 

Adams, Buck 156 

Adams, C.D. 529 

Adams, G.F. and Co.  

Adams, G.F. and Co.  

Adams, J. Q. ?   Dilley
Adams, R.E.  

Adams, W.A. 800 

Adcock, R.H. 960 

Aguilar, Fernando   Pearsall
Aguilar, Mariano   Pearsall
Aguirre, Pancho  

Aguirre, Sixto  

Alexander, W.J. 1227 

Allen, E.L.   Pearsall
Alley, W.P.  

Andrada, Eslina   Dilley
Andrada, Maria   Pearsall
Andrada, Pedro   Pearsall
Andrews, W.E.   Moore
Angell, W.V.   Pearsall
Applewhite, Hugh 165 

Applewhite, Lee 314 

Ardis, L.A. 263 

Arellano, Francisco   Pearsall
Arellano, Trinidad   Pearsall
Armstrong, Andrew   Pearsall
Armstrong, Jas.   Pearsall
Armstrong, Mrs. F.A. ?   Pearsall
Arnold, Dan 650  Pearsall
Arnold, J.N. 1113 

Arnold, W.A. 8000 

Arthur, C.P.  

Arthur, P.E. 1275 

Atkinson, Geo. M.   Pearsall
Avant, R.F.   Dilley 1071
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