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Pearsall Catholic Cemetery (West)


Adjacent to Old Radio Road and the Veteran's Cemetery which are located to the right side of The Catholic Cemetery as you look at the sketch below.

The Frio County Cemetery also adjoins this cemetery, and is situated on the left side of the Catholic Cemetery as you look at the sketch below.

This cemetery contains 1152 identifiable graves and approximately 350 graves that have no identification markings on them.

Each grave shown on the master list has an area identification code. The numbers represent areas as depicted on this chart. Areas in numbers 1-10 are approximately 30 feet wide and run all the way across the cemetery. This area, generally speaking, is what we classify as the older portion of this cemetery and contains most of the "unmarked graves."

Numbers 11-21 identify areas containing approximately two rows of grave markers. The areas between the roads and the fences along the right and top of this diagram are designated with a letter F.

The Old Catholic Cemetery is getting a face-lift. Over the past two years (2002-2004),
Rey G. Ramirez and Arnold (Nandy) Hernandez have contributed their own time
and monies (over $700), and Nandy also auctioned off two of his steers to raise
additional monies to revitalize the appearance of this cemetery.

As many of you know, the older portion of this cemetery was in dire need of
cleanup, general maintenance, etc. to bring it up to acceptable standards.
Some graves had caved in and needed fill dirt; shrubs had grown into trees
and needed trimming or even removal; prickly pear had overrun some graves
and had to be taken out; and, weeds and grass had to be controlled and

This condition is not necessarily due to willful neglect. Many families
have died off or in some cases, their descendants, two or three generations
removed, have moved away from Frio County. Taking proper care of cemetery
plots from afar is a very difficult proposition.

In addition to the cleanup, an inventory of all graves was performed.
This project was spearheaded by Joe Tafolla; with help from Rey Ramirez,
Nandy Hernandez, John Hawley and Margie Morales Warren.

Our goal is to have a listing of all the graves "on-line" so individuals who have
Internet access can view it. Copies of this listing will also be provided to the
Pearsall Public Library. Persons who do not have access to the Internet will have
an opportunity to make use of this information by visiting the library.

You, too, can be part of this process. Should you know of a relative or
friend who is buried in the cemetery but who is not found on the list,
please notify John Hawley at the following E-Mail address:
John can also be reached by mail. His home address is: 6826 Brookfield, San Antonio,
TX. 78238.

We need the "full" name of the decedent; however, additional information
such as date of birth, date of death, or any other pertinent data, if known,
would also be helpful. Note: If you only know the year of death or birth
that is acceptable.

We really need your help in identifying unmarked graves and in maintaining
the cemetery grounds. Thank you!

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Cemetery Listing
Name Born Died Comments Area
-, A. E. M.

-, E.V.G.

-, Juanita

-, P. P.

Acala, Pedro

Acala, Sergio

Acosta, Alfonso Aug 22, 1939 Aug 26, 1967
Acosta, Jacinto Aug 17, 1910 Jul 26, 1996
Acosta, Ysidra G. May 15, 1906 Jul 16, 1980
Aguilar, Jose Angel M. Aug 2, 1923 Jul 3, 2001
Aguilar, Juanita Feb 14, 1894 May 19, 1984
Aguilar, Luisa M. Oct 21, 1933 Oct 6, 2000
Aguilar, Mariano Jul 18, 1863 Apr 24, 1918
Aguilar, Simona H. Feb 18, 1911 Jun 28, 1986
Aguilar, Teresa Apr 20, 1956 Aug 12, 1956
Alaniz, Simona R. Feb 18, 1898 Apr 29, 1962
Albiar, Celso 1881 1949
Alcala, D.M.

Alcala, Lucio Dec 10, 1900 Jul 12, 1959
Alcala, Trinidad May 26, 1902 Mar 19, 1986
Amaya, Jay 1962 Sept 7, 1979
Aranda, Marcos Oct 7, 1911 Mar 10, 1945
Aranda, Matilde A. 1941 1967
Arellano, Casimira Feb 5, 1869 Dec 1, 1929
Arellano, Esiquio Jul 22, 1893 Sept 2, 1921
Arellano, Isabel
Jun 6, 1967
Arellano, Isidra M.
Feb 4, 1976
Arellano, Lucia G. Aug 6, 1900 Jul 10, 1929
Arguello, Leobarda P Jan 18, 1894 Jun 12, 1999
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Thanks to everyone who contributed to the listing.

Last updated 5/1/2004.


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