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Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church
Pearsall, TX
Death Registry (1906 - 1956)

The following Death Registry information of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church in Pearsall, TX., was extracted from Latter Day Saints microfilm files in San Antonio. There are over 1600 records in this file. The unique thing about this information is that almost all of the married woman are identified by their maiden name. So when searching for female ancestors try to remember their maiden name.

These files cover a 50 year period from 1906 to 1956. There are a few years that are missing or lost (1912, 1913, 1914). There were several Priests that recorded this information over that 50 year period; consequently there are different types of data submitted by each Priest. Also, some were meticulous about their record keeping while others were not.

Most of the deceased were buried at the Catholic Cemetery while some were buried elsewhere. When we had the information we posted what municipality they were buried.

This listing was made by John Hawley in 1999.

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Name Nearest Relative Died Age Buried Notes
Acevedo, Manuel Acevedo, Rosendo (F) 01/06/16
Acosta, Ceferina Acosta, Manuel (F) 07/27/06 17 P
Aedo, Apolinar Tobias, Delfina (W) 02/18/29 57 P
Aguero, Aurelio Aguiero, Francisco (F) 06/20/41 5d

Aguero, Francisco Salas, Nestora (W) 03/24/48 24 CC
Aguilar, Belen Aguilar, Benito S. (F) 11/07/52
CC intestinal infection
Aguilar, Caytana Aguilar, Mariano (F) 11/19/11 6m P
Aguilar, Cecilia Aguilar, Eusebio (B) 04/23/43

Aguilar, Clara Aguilar, Jorge (F) 05/31/16 9m P
Aguilar, Eliceria Aguilar, Jorge (F) 06/11/19 24 P
Aguilar, Emilio Sanchez, Santos 05/04/38 33

Aguilar, Eusebio Cordova, Isidora (D) 11/07/54 55 CC TB
Aguilar, Evangelina Aguilar, Jorge 11/26/18 5m P
Aguilar, Guadalupe Aguilar, Lucio (F) 02/13/17 2m P
Aguilar, Imoteo Aguilar, Matias 05/14/38 4m
Aguilar, Jose Aguilar, Piedad (S) 03/10/47 60 Dille
Aguilar, Jose Florentino Aguilar, Rito (F) 06/21/52 1d P died at birth
Aguilar, Juan Aguilar, Estaban (F) 10/28/18 2 P
Aguilar, Lucas Aguilar, Pedro (F) 07/09/39 8m
Aguilar, Nicanor Aguilar, Matias 12/31/49 5d CC
Aguilar, Pedro Aguilar, Pedro (F) 01/11/54 1 CC
Aguilar, Petra Aguilar, Gabino 12/11/46 30 CC
Aguilar, Silvestre Aguilar, Gabino (B) 08/30/45 58 CC TB
Aguilar, Teresita Aguilar, Jose 08/12/56 57 CC
Aguilar, Ygnacio Aguilar, Jorge (F) 12/18/16 19 P
Aguilar, Ysidora Aguilar, Gabino 07/18/45 60 CC TB
Aguilera, Antonia Miro, Crencencio (H) 11/06/18 24 P
Aguinaga, Catarino Aguinaga, Ramon (F) 03/23/27 1d P
Aguinaga, Juan ? Aguinaga, Ramon (F) 03/10/27 1 P
Alaniz, Fidel Alaniz, Silvestre 08/13/55 18m P
Alaniz, Hipolito Alaniz, Demitrio (F) 02/21/10 27d P
Alaniz, Jose Guadalupe Alaniz, Guadalupe (F) 05/22/28 8m P
Alaniz, Margarita Alaniz, Estanislar (F) 05/09/27 21 P
Albiar, Celso Sr Albiar, Celso Jr. (S) 05/20/49 62 CC
Alcala, Albina Alcala, Gregorio (F) 04/04/10 19d P
Alcala, Gregorio Alcala, Isabel 10/20/55 88 P
Alcala, Maria Alcala, Pedro (H) 10/06/20 63 P
Aldape, Daniel Aldape, Gil 06/12/38 1

Aleman, Nicolasa Amaro, Tomas (Son in Law) 12/24/39 85

Alvarez, Angelita Alvarez, Adolfo (F) 07/18/16 10m P
Alvarez, Aurora Alvarez, Alfredo (F) 06/26/18 10m P
Alvarez, Guadalupe Yada, Jose (H) 12/11/28 35 P
Alvarez, Teofila Villanueva, Eusebio (H) 01/09/22 110 P
Amaro, Estanislas Amaro, Tomas (Uncle) 12/03/37 55
Anda, Ramon de (widower) 04/29/30 32
Ranch accident - Derby
Andrade, Alicia Andrade, Ramon 02/25/47 1 Dille
Andrade, Carlos Vergara, Irene (W) 08/17/44 25
Andrade, Pedro
01/13/15 30 P
Andrade, Virginia M. Andrade, Jose (H) 01/08/46 76 Dille natural causes
Anta, Jesus de Anta, Teodoro de (F) 06/04/37 3m
infant diarrhea
Antiveros, Juan
04/07/17 106 P
Aranda, Catarino Carillo, Pabla (W) 09/02/16 70 P
Aranda, Clara Pena, Juan (H) 10/30/16 80 P
Aranda, Cornelio Rosales, Maria (W) 05/06/16 29 P
Aranda, Julia Aranda, Catarino (F) 06/05/16 14d P
Aranda, Leon Aranda, Petra 04/25/47 61 Dille
Aranda, Lucila Aranda, Ygnacio (F) 05/25/46 13 CC died suddenly
Aranda, Marcos Aranda, Silvestre (B) 03/17/45 34
Aranda, Teodora, Aranda, Marcos (F) 10/18/23 6m P
Arcusa, Eulslia Marquecho, Juan (H) 09/03/18 63 P
Arellano, Casimiro Silva, Lucia (W) 10/15/18 23 P
Arellano, Domingo Arellano, Ysabel (F) 06/18/28 6 P
Arellano, Gregoria Hernandez, Federico (H) 09/21/19 40 P
Arellano, Jesus Arellano, Ysabel (F) 12/19/18 1m P
Arellano, Jesus Arellano, Cristina (D) 06/24/37 83

Arellano, Jesusa Arellano, Ysabel (H) ? 10/25/18 23 P
Arellano, Lucia Garcia de Arellano, Cleofas (D) 07/10/39 39

Arellano, Narcisa Arellano, Jesus (F) 10/18/18 21 P
Arellano, Pantaleon Arellano, Ysabel (F) 04/28/27 11 P
Arellano, Ramona Arellano, Casimiro (F) 06/12/18 6m P
Arguello, Eulojio Arguello, Guillermo (F) 02/15/28 106 P
Arguello, Juan Salinas, Ysabel (Nephew) 12/03/43 82

Arguello, Juanita Cervante, Antonio (S) 02/15/47 60 Dille
Arguello, Luis Perez, Leobalda (W) 01/05/27 42 P
Armendaris, Petra
01/08/11 42 P
Arriaga, Enrique Arriaga, Enrique (F) 04/19/28 1 P
Aruel, Carlota Aruel, Carlos (H) 01/15/47 28 Dille
Avalos, Ysabel Morales, Timoteo 12/20/38 62

Ayala, Silvestre Ayala, Antonio 03/30/47 50 Dille
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bullet(CC)=Catholic Cemetery
bullet(PC)=Pearsall Cemetery
bullet(?)=Correct spelling of name uncertain

This listing was made by John Hawley in 1999.

Last updated 9/19/1999.


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