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Dimmit County Election Results

Note: Election book #1 is lost. Election book #2 begins with the election of 1886.

Election of 1886

November 2, 1886

Office Winner Loser
Representative Dist.81 F. M. McCaleb  
District Judge D. P. Marr  
District Attorney J. J. Swann W. A. Carter, M. F. Lowe
County Judge J. T. Longmo A. W. Hazlerigg
Sheriff Joseph Tumlinson  
Tax Collector Joseph Tumlinson  
District & County Clerk M. Kelly G. C. Herman
County Treasurer H. W.Peters  
Tax Assessor J. B. Gibson R. G. Mason, K. F. Paulin
County Surveyor A. Eardley J. A. Barnes
Hide Inspector Horace Hughes Ed English
County Commissioner #1 Gray White S. D. Frazier, J. Pfuffer
Justice of the Peace #1 J. W. Paulson W. A. Howard
Constable#1 J. Pfeiffer  
County Commissioner.#2 J. D. McCarn C. Cranshaw
Justice of the Peace #2 J. M. Vivian  
County Commissioner #3 John Dillard G. W. Cavender
Justice of the Peace#3 Moses Anglin J. A. Knight
Constable #3 John Gardner  
County Commissioner #4 L. Marlow W. Raglin, R. P. Fly
Justice of the Peace #4 J. Kisseane  
County Attorney F. Vandervoort  
Bailiff C. Cranshaw  


Election of 1890

Office Winner Loser
District Judge D. P. Mann  
District Attorney M. F. Low  
County Judge Theodore Terry A. W. Hazelrigg
Sheriff & Tax Collector Horace Hughes A. J. Lloyd
District & County Clerk R. G. Mason J. D. Spear
County Treasurer H. W. Peters  
Tax Assessor J. B. Gibson  
County Survayor Albert Eardley J. L. Corn
Hide Inspector W. R. Vivian T. T. Neill, W. A. Roberts, Levi English, W. L. Kendall
County Commissioner #1 Sam D. Frazier D. Lemmons
Justice of the Peace#1 M. W. Frazier W. M. Staggs, James Launi
Constable #1 P. J. Staggs James Launi
County Commissioner #2 E. H. Corel M. M. Burleson
Justice of the Peace #2 C. Cranshaw  
Constable #2 James Vivian  
County Commissioner #3 T. H. Gardner Jas. McMains
Justice of the Peace #3 A. W. Lamkin L. D. Parkins, A. J. Allen, J. A. Peters
Constable #3 E. A. Gram J. J. Hall
County Commissioner #4 D. G. French J. Laxson

Information provided by Bert Bell, from Dimmit County Election Book #2.


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