Dimmit Co

Dimmit County Death Index 

The Dimmit County Texas Death Index contains information about deaths registered in the county from about 1903 through the year 1981.

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Name Death Date Sex Age Notes Links
Quantello, Jose Maria29 Mar 1943F6m

Quillen, Earl Orva28 Aug 1974M57

Quinn, Leona Lillian27 Sep 1963F47

Quintana, Rosalia11 Mar 1930M19

Quintanar, Maria Santos28 Dec 1979F89

Quintanillo, Gilberto20 Dec 1948M9m

Quintero, Baby25 Apr 1940M0

Quintero, Emeterio04 Jul 1983M59
Quintero, Guadalupe23 Jan 1955F5m

Quintero, Jose27 Nov 1950M84

Quintero, Julia30 Jun 1935F20

Quintero, Lupe06 May 1943F8m

Quintero, Manuel22 Apr 1945M0

Quintero, Pilar18 Aug 1941M1m

Quintero, Richardo21 Nov 1981M23

Quintero, Unnamed18 Apr 1941F0

Quintero, Unnamed18 Apr 1941F0

Quiroz, Isabel25 Jun 1948F8m

Quiroz, Jose Felix04 Apr 1976M67
Ragsdale, Sam G.14 Dec 1935M51

Rains, Robert Milton04 Nov 1986M60
Ralston, John F. I18 Nov 1985M56
Ramedis, Adelia20 Sep 1931F1

Ramires, Francisco10 Oct 1948F1

Ramires, Luis18 Apr 1935M26

Ramires, Rafael17 May 1943M26

Ramirez, Alberto Fidencio23 May 1959M1m

Ramirez, Amanda22 May 1952F33

Ramirez, Anastasia14 Mar 1940F3

Ramirez, Angelina08 Jun 1941F4m

Ramirez, Antonio02 Nov 1982M38

Ramirez, Armando07 Feb 1965M58

Ramirez, Beatrice Cardona25 Jun 1978F68
Ramirez, Canela07 May 1951Finf

Ramirez, Carlos R20 Oct 1976M57
Ramirez, Carolina04 Jun 1948F0

Ramirez, Catarina28 May 1954F1m

Ramirez, Consuela24 Feb 1957F2m

Ramirez, Cristoval03 Dec 1960M64

Ramirez, Cristoval12 Mar 1946M75

Ramirez, Dolores14 Jan 1906F1m

Ramirez, Dominga G.08 Feb 1985F58
Ramirez, Domingo15 Dec 1947M2m

Ramirez, Elda P.02 Jan 1960F19

Ramirez, Felipe30 Jan 1957M2m

Ramirez, Felipe S28 Feb 1975M70
Ramirez, Fernando16 Aug 1962M10

Ramirez, Fidel18 Sep 1942M4m

Ramirez, Filiman17 May 1938MSm

Ramirez, Florinda29 Dec 1956F9m

Ramirez, Francisca Salas18 Feb 1983F75

Ramirez, Francisco27 Dec 1936M37

Ramirez, Gudalupe17 Sep 1983F77

Ramirez, Jesus (Jesse)15 May 1974M26

Ramirez, Jose Cruz14 Nov 1955M65

Ramirez, Juan08 Dec 1949M1m

Ramirez, Juan Alberto19 Apr 1945M2m

Ramirez, Julia H07 Sep 1979F69

Ramirez, Leonardo25 Nov 1942F18d

Ramirez, Librado26 Oct 1909M56

Ramirez, Manuela Martinez02 Apr 1951F30

Ramirez, Marcelino24 May 1939M7m

Ramirez, Matilde17 Aug 1982M90
Ramirez, Nicolasa03 Nov 1983F75

Ramirez, Paula Maria20 Apr 1942F18d

Ramirez, Pedro Y.23 Sep 1986M88
Ramirez, Petra R.14 Jun 1982F68

Ramirez, Recardo05 Dec 1956M6m

Ramirez, Regina01 Apr 1930F22

Ramirez, Ricardo28 Jan 1954M1

Ramirez, Roberto18 Dec 1958M10d

Ramirez, Sotero03 Sep 1963M53
Ramon, Augustin Gutierrez11/4/1951M22

Ramon, Francisco23 Sep 1950M70

Ramon, Gregorio07 Jan 1945M2m

Ramon, Gregorio24 Jan 1943M36

Ramon, Jesus10 Mar 1938M1

Ramon, Jesus02 Feb 1951M69

Ramon, Jose05 Feb 1944M3

Ramon, Josefa Longonia18 Oct 1977F67

Ramon, Juana12 Dec 1968F69

Ramon, Manuel D.10 Nov 1986M68

Ramon, Maria09 Jul 1974F76
Ramon, Maria03 Jun 1936F0

Ramon, Maria Del Refuglo S.20 Dec 1985F72

Ramon, Petra D.13 Nov 1971F80

Ramon, Vinvevte07 Mar 1954M63

Ramos, Angelita19 Mar 1936F9m

Ramos, Antonia08 Jan 1934F73

Ramos, Aurora11 May 1983F76
Ramos, Baby05 Feb 1938M0

Ramos, Felix05 May 1935M3m

Ramos, Jose19 Jan 1985M75

Ramos, Josefina31 Mar 1986F70
Ramos, Juana19 Jan 1972F75
Ramos, Juana22 Jul 1943F43

Ramos, Julia25 Oct 1930F5

Ramos, Luciano07 Apr 1944M82

Ramos, Manuel03 Jan 1960M60
Ramos, Marcelo05 Oct 1968M73
Ramos, Martin26 Mar 1934M6d

Ramos, Pablo06 May 1979M92

Ramos, Paula L01 Dec 1976F76

Ramos, Ramon G.11 Aug 1982M79
Ramos, Jr., Juan04 Dec 1966M4m

Ramoz, Catarina25 Nov 1947Finf

Randle, Thomas Scott22 Aug 1943M61
Rangel, Angelita Navaro07 May 1953F5m

Rangel, Antonio20 Jun 1909F20d

Rangel, Catarina19 Apr 1927F20d

Rangel, Charles11 Feb 1949M0

Rangel, Cleotilde18 Mar 1932F5d

Rangel, Lofia06 May 1929M1m

Rangel, Maria Dolores08 Apr 1940F1m

Rangel, Patricia16 Sep 1909F19

Rangel, Paulita M05 Dec 1959F3m

Rangel, Pedro T26 Aug 1977M65

Rangel, Reynaldo09 Nov 1965M9m

Rangel, Santos02 Feb 1939M73

Rangel, Stillborn21 Jun 1938M0

Rangel, Jr., Gilberto03 May 1962M3m

Rankin, Rachel Elretta21 Dec 1950F75
Rasmussen, Charles Hans02 Sep 1950M73
Rasmussen, Vera Lurene19 Dec 1945F27
Raver, William F.01 Mar 1949M74
Ray, Fonley J12/29/1957M24

Rayes, Unnamed06 Jul 1945F-

Razo, Jose H.11 Jan 1987M57

Rector, Lucy Lee26 Dec 1942F76
Rector, William Early16 Jan 1957M97
Reddick, James02 Apr 1953M83

Reeves, Walter L.16 Jan 1953M62
Rendon, Emma L.14 Mar 1975F74
Rendon, Gregorio05 Jan 1974M75
Rendon, Juana R.16 May 1957F82

Renteria, Antonia06 Dec 1945F-

Renteria, Carlota30 Nov 1942F22

Renteria, Fabian21 Feb 1955M53

Resendez, Florinda09 Mar 1951F1

Resendez, Jose Angel18 Dec 1978M86
Resendez, Ramon30 Mar 1982M70
Resendez, Ruben11 May 1973M86
Resendez, Victor J.10 Aug 1981M66
Reves, Unnamed15 Oct 1942F0

Reyes, Antonia18 Jul 1947M5d

Reyes, Clemente17 Nov 1954M68

Reyes, Elena T.25 Oct 1982F74

Reyes, Fabian08 Mar 1962M1

Reyes, Felixiano22 Jun 1958M73

Reyes, Francisca09 May 1950F7m

Reyes, Graciela Perez08 Oct 1961F5d

Reyes, Gregoria V.22 Jul 1971F87

Reyes, Inez17 Aug 1981M72

Reyes, Javier21 Oct 1964M8h

Reyes, Luis Picon26 Mar 1966M42

Reyes, Luise G25 Jan 1978F62

Reyes, Maria25 Oct 1940F1d

Reyes, Maria A07 Dec 1974F75
Reyes, Maria A31 Mar 1978F64

Reyes, Paulina V10 Dec 1977F105

Reyes, Petra Z.24 Jan 1957F65

Reyes, Ricardo Trujillo25 Nov 1957M4m

Reyna, Anselmo R11 Dec 1979M20

Reyna, Demetrio01 Aug 1950M79

Reyna, Unnamed20 Aug 1950--

Reynero, Juanita07 Sep 1972F102
Reynero, Miguel22 Mar 1971M79
Reynolds, Alicia10 Dec 1973F8d

Reynolds, Willie P.09 Sep 1973F81
Rheinlander, Janice La Verne01 May 1960F8

Rhoades, Raymond B.21 Sep 1983M54

Rhodes, George Lee06 Aug 1963M85
Rhodes, Infant31 Aug 1943F1h

Rhodes, Mary Ethel23 Sep 1963F86
Richardson, Mary Isabelle13 Jun 1941F76
Richey, Frances13 Feb 1974F90
Riha, Viola Margaret02 Feb 1978F65
Riojas, Alfonso06 Jan 1947F28

Riojas, Antonia09 Jul 1945Finf

Riojas, Beatrice06 May 1954F6d

Riojas, Enedelia14 Apr 1945F2m

Riojas, Francisco11 Mar 1942M11

Riojas, Guadalupe B11 Dec 1961F65
Riojas, Jesus05 Feb 1946F2m

Riojas, Jesus31 Jan 1945M0

Riojas, Jose06 Jul 1947M16d

Riojas, Juan16 May 1955M6

Riojas, Juanita18 Nov 1944F6

Riojas, Lucia Sanchez28 Jun 1948F73

Riojas, Lupe09 Jul 1945Finf

Riojas, Rafael04 Apr 1945M5m

Riojas, Ramon14 Dec 1982M62
Riojas, Roberto21 Apr 1944M1d

Riojas, Rodrigo13 Mar 1943M3h

Riojas, Rosendo26 Sep 1943M46

Riojas, Rosendo Jr29 Apr 1980M55

Riojas, Yrenea27 Jul 1947F1

Riojas, Jr., Rafael28 Feb 1951M6m

Riojaz, Aurrora13 May 1942F3m

Riolas, Reynaldo29 Apr 1948M4m

Rios, Felicitas13 Dec 1949F41

Rios, Florentino26 Apr 1942M56

Rios, Francisca06 Nov 1942F32

Rios, Francisco02 Jul 1941M69

Rios, Genoveva26 Oct 1953F73

Rios, Infant14 Jan 1958M1h

Rios, Infant27 Dec 1942M0

Rios, Jose17 Aug 1977M85
Rios, Jose Alberto18 Jan 1968M27

Rios, Jose Reyes05 Apr 1964M36
Rios, Josefina Lira20 Dec 1974F52
Rios, Juanita B17 Aug 1977F81

Rios, Manuel23 Dec 1968M76

Rios, Maria17 Apr 1951F3d

Rios, Maria Ana26 Apr 1941F9m

Rios, Maria de Jesus17 Nov 1977F69

Rios, Maria Garza17 Sep 1966F67

Rios, Norma Moreno20 Sep 1956F7d

Rios, Paublo Sr.31 Dec 1985M90

Rios, Pedro Morales03 Jan 1958M94

Rios, Perfecto21 Feb 1984M90

Rios, Rafail27 May 1946M1

Rios, Jr., Nicolas24 Apr 1944M3m

Risinger, Clyde Carter23 Sep 1975M54
Risinger, Stephen Carter30 Oct 1984M16
Rivera, Antonia G26 Jul 1977F46

Rivera, Atanacio11 Jan 1954M52

Rivera, Benito Medina09 Dec 1983M91

Rivera, Cruz09 Jul 1944M70

Rivera, Faustino19 Apr 1951M80

Rivera, Jose S.06 Dec 1981M85
Rivera, Josefa Ybarra29 Apr 1981F80
Rivera, Pedro04 Jan 1981M8

Rivera, Rafael L.01 Aug 1981M73

Rivera, Santiaga07 Jul 1973F76
Roberson, Byrdie Rae20 Jan 1983F77
Roberts, Franky21 Feb 1937M18
Roberts, Kate Taylor12 Sep 1947F51
Roberts, Nicholas Murphy02 Dec 1981M76

Roberts, Sarah L.07 Jan 1933F51
Robertson, James H.09 Nov 1983M91
Robinson, C. C.09 Feb 1976M64

Robinson, Lela Marie21 Dec 1977F69

Robinson, Willie Rae11 Oct 1958F69
Robledo, Francisca29 Oct 1935F1m

Robledo, Santos S.17 Nov 1983M70
Robles, Dolores16 Dec 1958F2m

Robles, Edward13 May 1950M6m

Robles, Gloria02 Feb 1951F9m

Robles, Jesus23 Dec 1976M26

Robles, Jose12 May 1965M42
Robles, Juan Manuel02 Jan 1969M20
Robles, Juana Gomez17 Dec 1955F83

Robles Jr., Florentino18 Aug 1953M2d

Robles, Jr., Emillo18 Oct 1946M5m

Rocha, -08 Jun 1932F2m

Rocha, Agel03 Oct 1938M1d

Rocha, Felipa12 Jan 1910M51

Rocha, Feliz29 May 1951M2m

Rocha, Fructoso17 Mar 1983M62

Rocha, Jose Paz14 Apr 1943M55

Rocha, Juan Francisco25 Jan 1948M1m

Rocha, Juanita30 Aug 1955F80

Rocha, Juliana E.16 Jan 1972F63
Rocha, Lloyd20 Apr 1941M4m

Rocha, Lupe11 Nov 1934M7m

Rocha, Magdaleno M.22 Mar 1943M25

Rocha, Manuel21 Mar 1931M14

Rocha, Mariano18 Jul 1931M21

Rocha, Natividad09 Aug 1962M64

Rocha, Ramon30 Jul 1931F-

Rocha, Santa22 Dec 1904F8d

Rodriguez, -10 Feb 1931F29

Rodriguez, Adan E.10 Jun 1978M49

Rodriguez, Adelaide S.29 Apr 1960F76

Rodriguez, Albert08 Apr 1938M0

Rodriguez, Alicia F.27 Feb 1952F6m

Rodriguez, Antonio C.18 Jan 1982M68

Rodriguez, Apolonio10 Apr 1932M0

Rodriguez, Arnulfo D.04 Feb 1983M77

Rodriguez, Asencion13 Mar 1938M45

Rodriguez, Baby25 Jan 1931F0

Rodriguez, Bernardo18 Oct 1942M86

Rodriguez, Candelario02 May 1955F4m

Rodriguez, Celia24 Aug 1974F11h58m

Rodriguez, Cicilio23 Jan 1945M5m

Rodriguez, Conrada17 Jan 1933F38

Rodriguez, Consuela15 Mar 1952F8m

Rodriguez, Cosine22 Mar 1954M62

Rodriguez, David03 May 1950M47

Rodriguez, Edna R29 Mar 1978F62

Rodriguez, Edwardo Silba27 Mar 1939F19

Rodriguez, Elena20 Mar 1934F42

Rodriguez, Elisadalia28 Oct 1958F24

Rodriguez, Esperanza16 Oct 1922F36

Rodriguez, Espernaza10 Jun 1943F4m

Rodriguez, Estanislado23 Feb 1978M75

Rodriguez, Estefana H.07 Mar 1981F69

Rodriguez, F20 Jul 1930

Rodriguez, Feliciano29 May 1951M36

Rodriguez, Fidel F.08 Apr 1984M23

Rodriguez, Florencio R.21 Mar 1973M69

Rodriguez, Francisco25 Jul 1935MInf

Rodriguez, Francisco03 Jul 1940F91

Rodriguez, Francisco20 Jan 1946M55

Rodriguez, Francisco R.26 Jan 1979M34
Rodriguez, Francito Ortiz27 Jul 1951F28

Rodriguez, Gregorio11 Apr 1935M44

Rodriguez, Guadalupe07 Jan 1944F51

Rodriguez, Ignacia Tapia20 Oct 1952F51

Rodriguez, Infant14 Apr 1930F0

Rodriguez, Josa03 Feb 1931M10m

Rodriguez, Jose15 Mar 1953M2m

Rodriguez, Jose05 May 1951M4m

Rodriguez, Jose29 Mar 1969M63

Rodriguez, Jose14 Apr 1962M78

Rodriguez, Josefina14 May 1982F55
Rodriguez, Juan05 Apr 1950M70

Rodriguez, Juan Manuel11 Dec 1947M1d

Rodriguez, Juan R.18 Mar 1947Mvery old man

Rodriguez, Juanita21 Apr 1945F-

Rodriguez, Juanita21 May 1937F1

Rodriguez, Juanita25 Sep 1931M0

Rodriguez, Julia22 Nov 1976F82
Rodriguez, Kathy Ann01 Jan 1976F1m3d

Rodriguez, Leonardo09 Apr 1978M96

Rodriguez, Leonel Roy28 Feb 1975M20
Rodriguez, Luciano19 May 1934M2

Rodriguez, Lucila M.01 Jul 1971F94

Rodriguez, Manuel V22 Jul 1979M75

Rodriguez, Marcos17 Apr 1944M0

Rodriguez, Maria02 Apr 1930F18

Rodriguez, Maria18 Sep 1935F5

Rodriguez, Maria Elena30 Mar 1950F3m

Rodriguez, Maria Guadalupe03 May 1946F1h

Rodriguez, Maria Hernandez17 May 1956F21

Rodriguez, Maria Menchaca18 Oct 1945F2

Rodriguez, Marta H23 Dec 1979F70
Rodriguez, Martin27 Oct 1971M85

Rodriguez, Martin14 Dec 1931M55

Rodriguez, Martin C.25 Aug 1984M80

Rodriguez, Maximina F. de24 Jan 1974F72

Rodriguez, Melitona22 Jul 1905F48

Rodriguez, Minnie24 Apr 1935F2m

Rodriguez, Nichlos13 Dec 1947M5m

Rodriguez, Paulo06 Mar 1948M5m

Rodriguez, Pedro14 May 1923M-

Rodriguez, Pedro09 Dec 1952M64

Rodriguez, Porfirio25 Feb 1935M22

Rodriguez, Ramon01 Apr 1984M77

Rodriguez, Ramon N.24 May 1982M57

Rodriguez, Ramona09 Sep 1940F9d

Rodriguez, Ramona C.11 Jan 1982F61

Rodriguez, Rita B15 Mar 1977F76

Rodriguez, Rogelio31 Mar 1977M1hr

Rodriguez, Romero25 Mar 1941M3m

Rodriguez, Samuel F.18 Feb 1978M50

Rodriguez, San Juanita21 May 1956F3m

Rodriguez, Santiago16 Dec 1958M53

Rodriguez, Santos D.22 Mar 1978F82

Rodriguez, Sara04 Apr 1949F69

Rodriguez, Sata Gomez25 Dec 1957F70

Rodriguez, Silvia Moreno04 Nov 1979F1d

Rodriguez, Simona P.01 Nov 1978F56

Rodriguez, Stephen24 Apr 1931M40

Rodriguez, Tranquilino08 Apr 1979M30

Rodriguez, Vicente G.09 Sep 1970M83

Rodriguez, Jr., Ben S.30 Jan 1965M58

Rodriquez, Teodoro26 Feb 1975M84
Rogelia, Ascencion10 Dec 1975M88
Rogers, Kenneth03 Jan 1979M52

Rogers, Ralph Lindley28 Feb 1933M1

Rojelio, Juanita10 May 1940F22'

Rojelio, Luciano24 Feb 1958F58

Rojos, Erenesto22 Jan 1958M60

Roma, Elias02 Jul 1929M2

Roma, Petronila14 Oct 1942M72

Roman, Pablo Valdez06 Dec 1982M75

Romero, Adolfo30 Dec 1980M78
Romero, Constancia24 Aug 1949F42

Romero, Esperanza04 Sep 1941F1

Romero, Jesus04 Jul 1952M46

Romero, Leopoldo14 Sep 1948M47

Romero, Manuel20 Aug 1941M58

Romero, Maria de Jesus Lopez17 Feb 1964F85

Romero, Samuel20 Oct 1971M70

Romero, Unnamed25 Sep 1936M1h

Romo, Juan C.24 Mar 1971M43
Romo, Ramon01 Apr 1959M3h

Romo, Jr., Felix22 Dec 1947M2m

Romos, Eduardo27 Feb 1930M67

Roque, Manuel09 Apr 1980M80

Rosa, Manuel de la27 May 1934M63

Rosales, Dormingo17 Aug 1933M2

Rosales, Jacinto20 Oct 1942M42

Rosales, Juan19 Aug 1933M26

Rosales, Rosa28 Apr 1948F1m

Rosales, Santiago05 Jun 1943M55

Rosalez, Dario01 Jul 1955M2d

Rosalez, Geneveva Avillon25 Aug 1943F70

Rosalez, Hisard15 Jan 1942M1

Rosier, Emma America24 Oct 1943F79
Rossington, Thomas Edward29 Jul 1951M41
Rozales, Cleofas24 Apr 1932M29

Rubalcaba, Maria06 Apr 1932F0

Rubalcaba, Unnamed24 Dec 1936M0

Rubalcava, Enitque25 Nov 1946M1d

Rubalcava, Euteguio09 Jan 1953M106

Rubalcava, Juana Gomez08 Jan 1939F62

Rubalcava, Juanita11 Sep 1941F84

Rubalcava, Luz Gomez23 Jan 1984F96
Rubalcava, Octaviano22 Mar 1937M0

Rubalcava, Unnamed06 Sep 1937M0

Ruballosa, Juan21 Jan 1936M67

Rubio, Amado15 Apr 1961F72

Rubio, Beatrice29 Mar 1935F11m

Rubio, Hector30 Jan 1952M21d

Rubio, Jose Angel06 Feb 1958M3m

Rubio, Manuel Flores08 Jan 1974M67

Rubio, Minerva07 Apr 1953F4m

Rubio, Raubla12 Jun 1905F2

Rubio, Raul10 Mar 1950M4m

Rubullozo, Eulalio16 Jun 1940M82

Rucker, Laura Josephine13 May 1938F82
Rucker, Lou Jean06 Jun 1949F69

Rucker, Mrs. Mary Dane30 Jan 1948F84

Ruff, Sr., Willard Alton14 Jun 1949M51
Rugel, Joe H20 Nov 1979M87
Ruiz, Adela12 May 1937F9d

Ruiz, Alvina'24 Jul 1963F53

Ruiz, Baby06 Mar 1938M0

Ruiz, Bastola14 Aug 1932F11m

Ruiz, Carlotta29 Nov 1941F23

Ruiz, Casiana05 Mar 1964F74

Ruiz, Catarina01 Nov 1955F47

Ruiz, Catarino26 Sep 1972M76
Ruiz, Daniel25 Apr 1938M8m

Ruiz, Diana A.18 Mar 1969F18

Ruiz, Eberado Ortiz23 Oct 1955M18

Ruiz, Edwardo21 Aug 1928M60

Ruiz, Edwardo Hernandez14 Apr 1961M42

Ruiz, Emolinda12 Jun 1939F6m

Ruiz, Esiquiel Ortiz16 Aug 1974M30

Ruiz, Eugenia13 Dec 1964F39

Ruiz, Francisco15 Oct 1935M55

Ruiz, Geresita05 Jan 1948F25d

Ruiz, Gertrude16 Oct 1943M59

Ruiz, Ginobeba23 May 1939F2d

Ruiz, Guadalupe16 Feb 1931Minf

Ruiz, Herninia B.10 Dec 1983F72
Ruiz, Ines C.22 Jan 1952M31

Ruiz, Inocince16 Dec 1941F37

Ruiz, Jesus H.03 Jul 1948M48

Ruiz, Jose Maria12 Dec 1971M81
Ruiz, Juana22 Oct 1934F21

Ruiz, Lonjina Alvarado04 Aug 1950F68

Ruiz, Luisa Uvalle14 Oct 1982F84
Ruiz, Maria10 Nov 1960F11h

Ruiz, Maria09 Nov 1947F2d

Ruiz, Maria De La Luz07 Dec 1945F2m

Ruiz, Maria Elena21 Oct 1949F2

Ruiz, Maria Jose20 Oct 1946M1d

Ruiz, Maria Ygnacia16 Feb 1935F8m

Ruiz, Mariade Jesus09 Oct 1937F3d

Ruiz, Martin08 Dec 1960M86

Ruiz, Merced21 Mar 1937F55

Ruiz, Michael Gutierrez25 Mar 1978M1m

Ruiz, Nasaria14 Jul 1932F42

Ruiz, Pabla22 Oct 1930F56

Ruiz, Petra24 Feb 1935F1d

Ruiz, Reynaldo02 Mar 1957M6m

Ruiz, Santos20 Jun 1930F-

Ruiz, Severiano15 May 1953M79

Ruiz, Susano31 Jan 1956M72

Ruiz, Yolanda22 Apr 1951F11m

Ruiz, Ysidro M.05 Feb 1972M80

Ruiz, Jr., Santiago19 Mar 1952M2d

Rummel, Eula10 Nov 1973F88

Russell, Benjamin H.13 Jun 1936M84
Russell, Flora26 Aug 1903F25

Russell, Mrs. Robert08 Jun 1917F41

Russell, Sarah Caroline19 Nov 1937F74

Rutledge, Andrew20 Jan 1931M23

Rutledge, Emma Inez27 Feb 1980F73

Sabedra, Manuela12 Jun 1984F74
Sabella, Jr., Emilio07 Jan 1942M3m

Saenz, Bernarda Y.16 Mar 1981F64
Saenz, Felix L.27 Jun 1984M84
Saenz, Infant10 May 1964M4h

Saenz, Infant28 Dec 1950M0

Saenz, Jesus22 Sep 1950M65
Saenz, Petra F.16 Jul 1973F81
Saenz, Selma V.10 May 1957F7

Saenz, Jr., Ramon06 Jul 1950M2d

Salais, Feliciana R.29 Jan 1972F76

Salano, Estella04 Dec 1934F5d

Salas, Agustus Rafayel13 Sep 1935M77

Salas, Carlos Briones24 May 1952M36

Salas, Doniana04 Apr 1907F33

Salas, Josefa Ortis09 Aug 1934F29

Salas, Maria L02 Feb 1977F94

Salas, Maximino Martinez21 Dec 1952M74

Salas, San Juana21 Jan 1952F16d

Salazar, Alberto C11 Mar 1978M77

Salazar, Alfredo27 Dec 1931M1

Salazar, Cristobal03 Mar 1983M77

Salazar, Deminteo15 Dec 1910M86

Salazar, Feliciano Lucio06 Jul 1969M52

Salazar, Ismael22 Mar 1945M1m

Salazar, Jesus24 Aug 1956M3m

Salazar, Jose16 May 1963M3

Salazar, Maria A.15 Apr 1986F75
Salazar, Martin R.06 Jul 1972M79

Salazar, Porfirio J.23 Jun 1974M80
Salazar, Rosenda13 May 1943F1

Salazar, Victor16 Dec 1966M53

Saldana, Cosme25 Jul 1931F81

Saldana, Julia A19 Dec 1977F67

Saldana, Leonor G.12 Aug 1983F51

Saldana, Lydia20 Mar 1952F1m

Saldana, Salvador Medina19 Feb 1985M80

Saldana, Yolanda12 Dec 1953F2m

Saldivar, Francisca Lopez07 Feb 1979F89

Sales, William Franklin06 Jan 1947M62

Salgado, Federico Trevino23 May 1972M70

Salgado, Joaquin15 Feb 1940M38

Salgado, Marta Subio06 Oct 1963F57

Salinas, Andrea21 Mar 1940F1

Salinas, Andres27 Jan 1953M86

Salinas, Asijuano15 Sep 1933F10m

Salinas, Balthasar27 May 1951M10d

Salinas, Blanca26 Mar 1932F0

Salinas, Briginia19 Mar 1935F72

Salinas, Carmenita29 Jun 1932F8m

Salinas, Consuela Mendez11 Jun 1936F20

Salinas, Consuelo G.13 May 1974F73

Salinas, Damiana21 Jan 1936F21

Salinas, Dominga28 Oct 1983F83
Salinas, Eduardo F.07 Mar 1987M90
Salinas, Eusevio N.13 Aug 1978M37

Salinas, Francisco03 May 1934M80

Salinas, Herlinda22 Feb 1955F65

Salinas, Isabel S31 Dec 1976F56

Salinas, Jose01 Nov 1981M53

Salinas, Jose05 Jun 1936M1m

Salinas, Josefa Gonzales26 May 1935F72

Salinas, Josefa R.03 Jul 1969F59
Salinas, Juana21 Feb 1947F71

Salinas, Lee02 Dec 1973M27d

Salinas, Manuel22 Jan 1941M79

Salinas, Marcos R.12 May 1959M66

Salinas, Maria19 Apr 1931F4d

Salinas, Maria de Refugio29 Sep 1939F0

Salinas, Marie Antonia10 Apr 1949F4m

Salinas, Martina A.28 Jul 1985F90
Salinas, Nieves11 Dec 1929F16m

Salinas, Olga18 Dec 1938Fm

Salinas, Roberto07 Apr 1940M7m

Salinas, Tiodoso08 Aug 1977M64
Salinas, Victoriano14 Oct 1958M79

Salinas, Vittarnia01 Feb 1934M8m

Salinas, Jr., Roberto05 Nov 1942M1

Salis, Virginia Reyes28 Sep 1947F1

Salsedo, Jose Maria04 Jul 1928M77

Sambrano, Josefa Macias10 Jul 1977F68

Sample, Kimberly Lane06 Oct 1970F3m12d
San Miguel, Alejandro17 Aug 1962M63
San Miguel, Cruz06 May 1929F3d

San Miguel, Eufemia30 Oct 1952F61

San Miguel, Francisco11 Mar 1942M43

San Miguel, Lucio03 Aug 1938M6

San Miguel, Luis17 Oct 1943M32

San Miguel, Pedro28 Apr 1969M59
San Miguel, Ramana04 Sep 1940F0

San Miguel, Rodolfo C.24 Dec 1953M3m

San Miguel, Teresa P.30 Mar 1983F61
Sanches, Jose21 Dec 1932M44

Sanches, Locadia20 May 1938F11m

Sanches, Ramon22 Mar 1939M9

Sanchez, Adelina Tores17 Mar 1944F3m

Sanchez, Alcaria Hernandez18 Apr 1981F71
Sanchez, Amador18 Jan 1940M40

Sanchez, Anacleto07 Oct 1948M80

Sanchez, Baby15 Sep 1934F0

Sanchez, Bartolo14 Feb 1967M64
Sanchez, Cecelia25 Jul 1931F34

Sanchez, Cirilda04 Apr 1976F51

Sanchez, Concepscion06 May 1948F1

Sanchez, Daniel06 Jan 1941M36

Sanchez, Dellarnia17 Sep 1942F3

Sanchez, Diego08 May 1904M1

Sanchez, Dolores01 Feb 1951F37

Sanchez, Domitilla03 Jan 1967F59

Sanchez, Eduarda11 May 1940F32

Sanchez, Eliza23 Sep 1943F47

Sanchez, Encarnacion23 Jan 1966F79

Sanchez, Erminia30 Nov 1941F4m

Sanchez, Francis Virginia07 Jan 1941F12h

Sanchez, Francisco Jr.25 Aug 1986M76
Sanchez, Gabriel P.25 Nov 1970M86

Sanchez, Genaro G.22 Jan 1982M90
Sanchez, Gregorio12 Oct 1983M76
Sanchez, Guadalupe20 Apr 1935F0

Sanchez, Hilario Cantu21 Dec 1964M56

Sanchez, Infant24 Jul 1931M0

Sanchez, Janita S.14 Jan 1981F84

Sanchez, Jesus05 Sep 1934M1

Sanchez, Jesus M.31 Oct 1949M80

Sanchez, Joel S.25 Jul 1968M5h

Sanchez, Jose M.25 Feb 1979M55
Sanchez, Jose Maria04 Aug 1929M82

Sanchez, Juan06 May 1932M4m

Sanchez, Juan Andres02 Mar 1971M78

Sanchez, Juan Carlos22 Jul 1964M20d

Sanchez, Juana14 May 1940F35

Sanchez, Julian26 Feb 1949M68

Sanchez, Leopoldo17 Jan 1960M51

Sanchez, Longino02 Aug 1963M76
Sanchez, Manuel P.19 Apr 1971M77

Sanchez, Manuela Perez16 Sep 1981F72

Sanchez, Maria27 Feb 1946F49

Sanchez, Maria21 Aug 1941F1d

Sanchez, Maria18 May 1937F18

Sanchez, Maria11 Jun 1932F1

Sanchez, Maria Ignacia31 Oct 1964F73

Sanchez, Panchita10 Jul 1957F6m

Sanchez, Pilar03 Jun 1937M7m

Sanchez, Ramon20 Apr 1934M32

Sanchez, Rita Martinez09 Sep 1929F43

Sanchez, Rodolfo16 Jan 1949M20d

Sanchez, Rosa L.23 Jan 1947F5m

Sanchez, Sandra16 May 1965F1m

Sanchez, Seferina19 Jul 1915F10

Sanchez, Socorro12 Dec 1938F1m

Sanchez, Tomasa01 Jul 1940F6m

Sanchez, Trinidad De Leon10 Aug 1952F79

Sanchez, Victoria24 May 1944F6m

Sanchez, Victoria Rivera19 Sep 1934F40

Sanchez, Yolanda13 May 1944F2m

Sanchez, Jr., Florentino03 Feb 1946M4m

Sandoval, Augestine24 Sep 1981M95
Sandoval, Cruz27 Feb 1949M9m

Sandoval, Infant20 Dec 1948F0

Sandoval, Jose Eduardo29 Mar 1969M35

Sandoval, Mario Jr09 Nov 1978M19

Sandoval, Sofia D18 Dec 1976F76

Sandoval, Jr., Augustin08 Dec 1947M0

Sanmaniego, Felis14 Apr 1938F46

Sanmiguel, Andris21 Sep 1912M10

Sanmiguel, Rosa14 Mar 1980F84
Sansom, John Wesley22 Jun 1954M72
Santos, Albino19 Jan 1978M66

Santos, Amalis R23 Feb 1977F78

Santos, Apolinar G.06 Jul 1967M66
Santos, Carlos P.11 Nov 1986M60
Santos, Francisca Gonzales10 Oct 1982F72

Santos, Maria Inez Ibarra04 Jun 1951F80

Santos, Maria Leal15 Jan 1978F32

Santos, Nicolas04 Aug 1903M39

Santos, Olaya R.25 Jan 1973F86
Santos, Oscar de Los30 Nov 1937M3m

Santos, Oscar De Los18 Feb 1935M10

Santos, Thomas R.02 Apr 1985M85
Santos, Zenaids. P.15 Dec 1973F76
Santoya, Anestacia Villarreal17 Nov 1953M77

Santoya, Edna07 Feb 1959F21h

Santoya, Felice18 Apr 1938F1

Santoya, Jose16 May 1939M5d

Santoya, Luciano19 Oct 1977M57
Santoya, Luisiamo01 Jun 1951M76

Santoya, Luisiano01 Jun 1951M76

Santoya, Mario Antonio08 Mar 1982M22
Santoya, Martina30 Apr 1945F1

Santoya, Paubla06 Feb 1959F1h

Santoya, Petra24 Mar 1947F30

Santoys, Enrique25 Nov 1977M2

Sapp, William James22 Nov 1970M67

Sarano, Antonio23 Mar 1949M5m

Sarate, Rebeccah13 Mar 1951F0

Sarrana, Jose Manuel07 May 1952M14d

Sartada, Humocindo06 Jul 1904M8

Sauceda, Barbarita10 Jan 1934F1

Sauceda, Francisca C09 Nov 1977F67
Sauceda, Josefa30 Jul 1965F101

Sauceda, Modesto28 May 1983M76
Sauceda, Serveriano F.06 Feb 1980M74

Saucedo, Adela C.06 Feb 1982F84

Saucedo, Arnando13 Dec 1959M3h

Saucedo, Elida20 Oct 1958F2h

Saucedo, Francisco11 May 1964M8

Saucedo, Margarita09 Nov 1963F21
Saucedo, Jr., Steven23 Jun 1951M7m

Saunders, Phoebe G.13 Sep 1915F50

Saurez, Isabel19 Feb 1942F-

Sauseda, Francisca16 Oct 1941F11d

Sauseda, Jr., Juan02 Mar 1944M2m

Sausedo, Nestora05 Oct 1941F21

Savilla, Jose31 Jan 1936M-

Scaief, Sr., Charles Clemon28 Jul 1978M94

Scarborough, Elizabeth29 Oct 1931F59
Scarbrough, Amanda Elizabeth30 Aug 1943F63
Scheleyer, Hugo12 Apr 1953M82

Schell, John F.03 Oct 1985M45
Schleider, Dolores01 Sep 1936F1

Schlosser, Leroy Henry25 Jan 1951M41

Schmitt, Claude02 Jan 1954M89
Schmitt, Victoria12 Nov 1955F78
Schnitt, Mary Elvirah28 Jul 1965F68
Schooler, Effie Elizabeth14 Oct 1933F43
Schulze, Martin August27 May 1989M82
Schumann, Billy03 Dec 1917M-
Schweke, Elsie Georgine02 Jul 1985F80
Scruggs, Bertie Mae25 Feb 1972F85
Scruggs, Robert Gilbert20 Oct 1935M58
Sealock, Mabel Dora07 Jun 1950F66
Sealock, Mortimer G.16 Sep 1950M72
Seamanis, Sadie05 Aug 1937F37

Secundo, Rosenda21 Jan 1929F50

Sefredo, Mercedes04 May 1935M7

Segura, Maria De Refugia18 Aug 1977F78

Senilla, Juanita24 Dec 1932F8m

Sepeda, Martin05 Jun 1941M76

Sepulveda, Eduardo28 Apr 1975M41
Sepulveda, Felipe25 Jul 1979M74

Sepulveda, Guadalupe14 Dec 1976M64

Sepulveda, Maria Antonia24 Sep 1972F58

Sepulveda, Maria Guadalupe05 May 1985F69

Seranno, Rosa Escobar29 Mar 1933F62

Serna, Anita Villalobos18 May 1970F49

Serna, Jesus24 Apr 1939M74

Serna, Manuela T.05 Apr 1984F77
Serna, Maria de la luz02 Feb 1940F0

Serna, Maria Elena13 Apr 1950F-

Serrano, Juan05 Nov 1987M58

Serrano, Rufina19 Jul 1946F19

Serrato, Santiago23 Jan 1957M75

Serrato, Trinidad18 Mar 1935F9m

Sevilla, Aurelio22 Dec 1933M15

Sevilla, Cresensia08 May 1943F3d

Sevilla, Norberta01 Aug 1933F17

Sevilla, Pablo18 Mar 1969M94

Sevilla, Refugia C.15 Oct 1971F86

Seville, Juanita02 Feb 1940F1

Shailer, Hasner04 May 1935M77

Shaw, Abner Blocker28 May 1960M65

Shaw, Inez02 May 1939F33
Shaw, Laura Victoria05 Dec 1936F95

Shipman, William Dee17 Oct 1986M89
Shively, Vivian Era02 Jun 1948F52

Shumate, Willie Mae14 Mar 1942F42
Sifuentes, Adolfo Faz11 Sep 1977M28

Sifuentes, Andres03 May 1940M16

Sifuentes, Andres03 May 1940M16

Sifuentes, Asteria16 Aug 1935F6d

Sifuentes, Augustin14 Jun 1941M10d

Sifuentes, Beatrice19 Jun 1934F4m

Sifuentes, Celestina02 Sep 1935F4m

Sifuentes, Celia25 Jul 1940F1

Sifuentes, Guillernio Garcia09 Apr 1949M1

Sifuentes, Josefa23 Apr 1932F3d

Sifuentes, Juan H.13 Jan 1984M86
Sifuentes, Juana H.30 Nov 1944F48

Sifuentes, Luis21 Apr 1948F0

Sifuentes, Maria Elian06 May 1949F7d

Sifuentes, Miguel09 Feb 1930M1m

Sifuentes, Oscar14 Feb 1954M5m

Sifuentes, Tereso15 Jul 1953M87

Sifuentez, Diego27 May 1962M25d

Sifuentez, Julia Yolanda15 Dec 1984F60

Sifuentez, Luis16 Oct 1944M4m

Silba, Teresa30 Sep 1932F19

Silva, Aide04 May 1956F3m

Silva, Ana Berta31 Jan 1970F6m19d

Silva, Benito Cortez15 Feb 1957M1m

Silva, Dolores Martinez16 Jun 1948F63

Silva, Guillermo13 Aug 1954M6m

Silva, Jose Gudalupe28 Aug 1983M71

Silva, Maclovio14 Jan 1987M70

Silva, Maria20 Sep 1945F17d

Silva, Maria Gracela16 Sep 1950F10

Silva, Maria Teresa De Jesus20 Mar 1953F1m

Silva, Merced23 Jun 1941F72

Silva, Romulo29 May 1950M66

Silva, San Juanita18 May 1949F5m

Silva, Velentin M20 Jul 1986M72

Silva, Sr., Benito18 Nov 1950M71

Silvas, Alice Delia18 Apr 1931F10m

Silvas, Benito05 Apr 1929M27

Silvas, Juan09 Apr 1947M0

Silvas, Maria05 Jan 1939F21

Silvas, Maria Anna03 Dec 1938F1

Silvas, no name23 Apr 1944F-

Silvas, Unnaned07 Dec 1942M3h

Singh, Stillborn03 Mar 1936F-

Singleton, Eula29 Aug 1943F28
Singleton, Walter Marion14 Sep 1943M77
Sisk, John Benjamin27 Jan 1951M75

Smith, Charles E.30 May 1982M31
Smith, Clara Julia12 Dec 1945F72
Smith, Elizabeth J.08 Jun 1907F79

Smith, George Arthue30 Nov 1937M86

Smith, Infant07 Dec 1936M0
Smith, Jas.W.04 Jun 1907M86
Smith, Thomas Andrew19 Aug 1951M74
Smith, Vitura08 May 1948F73
Snow, -13 Mar 1915M2
Snyder, Ethel E.10 Sep 1969F80
Snyder, Joseph Calvin07 Feb 1941M85
Solano, Blas15 Jun 1942M39

Solano, Marta09 Jan 1949F41

Solansky, Joe Wesley29 Jun 1973M39

Solis, Francisca05 Feb 1937F26

Solis, Guadalupe24 Dec 1951F90

Solis, Maria Gonzales07 Feb 1940F60

Solis, Maria R.26 Nov 1952F62

Solis, Mariano11 Apr 1950M64

Soliz, Candelario12 Oct 1970M68

Somora, Borecio30 Jun 1913M5

Sosa, Encarnacion05 Jan 1975M71

Sosa, Fernandes12 May 1940F60

Sosa, Francisco Sr.14 Oct 1987M84

Sosa, Jesus01 Dec 1970M50

Sosa, Maria D01 Dec 1944F11

Sosa, Maria Mercedes05 Jan 1965F57

Sosa, Ramon25 Dec 1937M7m

Sosa, Rudolfo17 Dec 1940M4m

Sotello, Victoriano12 Jun 1936M82

Sotelo, Virginia Delgado20 Sep 1940F66

Soto, Antonio03 Sep 1958M78

Soto, Enriguez08 Dec 1931M4

Soto, Unnamed06 Mar 1968M0

Soto, Jr., Juan17 Nov 1981M3m24d

Soward, Hillard Martin18 Oct 1956M60

Sparks, Leslie Herben18 Oct 1938M33

Sparks, Wm. Arthur05 Nov 1922M-
Sparrow, Maria del Carmen R30 Jan 1977F65
Speer, Harold Thelbert14 Oct 1908M3d
Speer, James L.Feb 1932M70
Speys, Harry N.25 Nov 1951M65
Spradling, Armintie Lucinda24 Feb 1964F82
Spradling, Wm. Riley13 Oct 1958M79
Spurgers, Lonnie Doyle09 Aug 1985M31

Squyres, Lloyd Stephen02 Jan 1959M53

Sramek, William James09 Jul 1964M81

St. Clair, Rosa Viola17 Dec 1944F57

Staacke, Clemente21 Dec 1981M79

Staake, Carlos05 Aug 1937M80

Stack, Thomas Daniel22 Jun 1953M85

Staggs, John10 Oct 1931M68

Stahl, Ella N.21 Feb 1980F76

Stamper, Lillian Gertrude02 Feb 1984F90
Stamper, Louis Ephraim13 Jun 1970M85
Standifer, Eugene Taylor29 Mar 1959M84

Standifer, Frank Vernon12 Aug 1974M80

Standifer, George Washington29 Jun 1957M76
Stanfield, Nancy Caroline09 Jan 1938F68
Statler, William Byrne21 Oct 1936M39
Staton, Audrey Helen03 Sep 1985F78

Staton, Edna Faye30 Dec 1984F70

Staton, Herschel Alton15 Jun 1989M77

Stein, Sophie01 Mar 1974F75

Stewart, William Alden03 Jan 1966M79
Stinnett, Alice T.07 Jul 1971F86
Stinnett, John Houston23 Oct 1936M76
Stinnett, Nancay Catherine24 Mar 1960F93
Stinson, Andrew Pearson18 Dec 1968M82
Stobaugh, Louise P.07 Dec 1987F60

Stobaugh, Thomas Theodore03 Feb 1934M44
Stoller, Byrne06 May 1924M60

Stone, Henry Harris13 Aug 1977M78
Stone, Jacob E. Sebus26 Aug 1944M81
Stone, John Milton07 Apr 1933M76
Stonebraker, Edith L06 Nov 1976F82
Strait, Jesse Byron07 Jun 1954M77
Strait, Jr., Yancey Clarence23 Aug 1940M18
Stripling, Betty Jane04 Jun 1939F74
Studebaker, Emma Jan Ingrell Dillon24 Mar 1947F78

Stuessy, Mamie H.31 Oct 1984F86
Stussey, Emil H. Sr05 Oct 1977M83
Subia, Manuel29 Jan 1984M65

Suggs, Audry Augusta30 Sep 1962F77

Sullins, Elsio Ann05 Apr 1924F57

Sullivan, Herman E30 Nov 1978M76

Sullivan, Louise18 May 1983F78

Suraz, Elva25 Apr 1938F9m

Surez, Angelina17 Oct 1940F3m

Surita, Agora26 Feb 1938F1

Surita, Catarino12 Mar 1985M72

Surita, Josefina C28 Feb 1978F65

Sustita, Felipe07 Jun 1937M12d

Swain, Edwin Roy13 Jan 1972M24

Sweet, Felix Lovell11 Feb 1950M66
Tafolla, James Henry11 Jun 1979M27

Taggart, George W.20 Sep 1934M59

Talamante, Guadalupe Rafel09 May 1935M3d

Talamante, Manuela07 Jan 1942F94

Talamante, Roberto09 Feb 1939M4d
Talamante, Rosinda05 Mar 1938F3d

Talamante, Unnamed25 Apr 1951M-

Talamante, Vicente08 Dec 1979M69
Talamante, Victoria09 Mar 1941F7m

Talamantes, -19 Jan 1947F0

Talamantes, -25 Dec 1949M0

Talamantes, Carlos P.26 Dec 1984M66
Talamantes, Castulo13 Sep 1984M79

Talamantes, Eloy04 Oct 1950M5m

Talamantes, Felipa Perez06 Jan 1964F88
Talamantes, Fidela28 Jul 1947F10m

Talamantes, Francisco P12 Nov 1975M74
Talamantes, George Armando30 Sep 1972M25

Talamantes, Hortencia29 Dec 1981F87
Talamantes, Juan P.27 Feb 1988M89
Talamantes, Julia13 Jun 1942F6m
Talamantes, Macedonio08 Nov 1949M74
Talamantes, Manuel21 Dec 1946M74
Talamantes, Manuel B07 Oct 1978M77
Talamantes, Manuela18 Jun 1956F70

Talamantes, Manuela06 Jul 1942F4m

Talamantes, Rita P06 Sep 1978F65
Talamantes, Rubin20 May 1946M3m

Tapia, Alfredo30 May 1934M4m

Tapia, Baby23 Apr 1935F0

Tapia, Clemente Z.11 Oct 1982F82
Tapia, Josefa28 Apr 1945F-

Tapia, Leonor G.11 Apr 1937F33

Tapia, Marcelino13 Mar 1939M41
Tapia, Maria Alicia05 Dec 1939F4m

Tapia, Maria Guadalupe28 Jul 1956F49

Tapia, Miguel19 Mar 1921M2

Tapia, Pedro06 Jan 1976M80
Tarver, Clyde03 Aug 1970M65

Tate, Meta LaVerne15 May 1953F21

Tate, Sanford Carl15 May 1953M8m

Tate, Jr., Sanford Oron15 Dec 1956M28

Taylor, Andrew Maize13 Jul 1938M79
Taylor, Crowder22 Mar 1915M1
Taylor, Ella G.19 Jul 1952F90

Taylor, George12 Nov 1967M78
Taylor, Jacob S.18 Mar 1930M85

Taylor, Jim R.25 Jan 1945M65

Taylor, Robert Augustus06 Apr 1978M66

Tebbe, Lena19 Dec 1934F90

Telles, Josefina20 Nov 1977F3 hr

Telles, Maria De Jesus Fernandez19 Jul 1986F80

Telles, Maria R.20 Nov 1986F86

Tellez, Alejandro F.22 Nov 1965M66

Tellez, Benita Salazar26 Apr 1981F33

Tellez, Irene Garcia14 Sep 1989F49

Tellez, Jose R.15 Apr 1985M57

Tellez, Josefina G.15 Mar 1982F60

Temple, Jerry03 Jun 1904M18

Templer, Ella Lou26 Jan 1958F91
Templer, Eugene Taylor05 Jun 1970M75

Templer, James G05 Jan 1978M72
Templer, Leonard E.10 Aug 1963M72
Templer, Samuel Alexander15 Aug 1939M79
Templer, Willie Laverne08 Mar 1984F81

Templeton, Archibald White04 Dec 1976M76

Templeton, Mittie E24 Oct 1979F73

Teneyuque, Francisco23 Jan 1949M2m

Teran, Jr., Abraham G.17 Aug 1981M64

Terrell, JR. M.D., Robert Weakley05 Feb 1988M59

Texas, Silvia Inocencio07 Apr 1949F0

Thbias, Jose08 Mar 1939M0

Theis, Walter27 Apr 1961M65

Thomas, Arthur K.14 Dec 1985M90

Thomas, Atticus Haygood27 Oct 1975M81

Thomas, Charles Conway19 Dec 1944M55
Thomas, Dorothy Louise14 Aug 1966F40
Thomas, J. D.11 Mar 1972M48

Thomas, Kathryn01 Jan 1986F96

Thomas, Lena Sibley31 Oct 1969F83
Thomas, William E.25 Aug 1907M38

Thompson, Allen Coe27 Feb 1950M67

Thompson, James R.29 Jul 1982M47

Tidwell, Earline Woods25 Dec 1969F40

Tijerina, Apolonia15 Dec 1937M15

Tijerina, Daniel26 Jul 1932M8m

Tijerina, Francisco28 Feb 1935M24

Tijerina, Francisco25 Mar 1949M50

Tijerina, George02 Feb 1951M1

Tijerina, Ignacio19 Nov 1981M69

Tijerina, Juan28 Dec 1937M32

Tijerina, Leonardo Eacalante30 Mar 1964M54

Tijerina, Luz Z.20 Jun 1945F48

Tijerina, Manuel E.07 Aug 1983M76
Tijerina, Margarita13 Aug 1932F1

Tijerina, Patricio12 Jun 1948M62

Tijerina, Petra Aguirre29 Mar 1960F8m

Tijerina, Placido25 Mar 1939M50

Tijerina, Rebeca04 May 1933F2

Tijerina, Refugio25 Apr 1934M9m

Tijerino, Fernando19 Jun 1953M5m

Titsworth, Domiana Margarita22 Oct 1961F14

Titsworth, Griff R.09 May 1931M60

Titsworth, Lucia13 May 1945F37

Tobias, Andrea01 Dec 1978M75
Tobias, Donaciano16 Mar 1953M4m

Tobias, Gloria17 May 1938F4m

Tobias, Guadalupe30 Oct 1937F9m

Tobias, Jose31 Mar 1946M0

Tobias, Junaita03 Aug 1931F25

Tobias, Maria12 Jul 1938F26

Tobias, Maria De Jesus P.05 Jan 1951F62

Tobias, Petra05 Dec 1929Flm

Tobias, Ramom02 Jun 1941M1m

Tobias, Rosa R.23 Jul 1978F68
Tobias, Senovio17 Sep 1970M93

Tobias, Ynez06 May 1935M8d

Tocquigny, Alexander31 Dec 1966M84
Tocquigny, Balbina Anna05 Dec 1944F59
Tollett, Charles Wesley16 Oct 1940M57
Tollett, Clarence Raymond03 Mar 1977M76
Tollett, Gabriel Xavier30 Jun 1988M1
Tollett, John Wesley20 Jun 1934M84
Tollett, Lucy Ellen02 Sep 1931F70
Tollett, Lula23 Jul 1960F74
Tollett, Lula May17 Jan 1930F23
Tollett, Mark Elton01 Sep 1960M71
Tollett, Premature22 Oct 1942M0

Tollett, Sidney J.25 May 1980M88

Tollett, Unnamed25 Mar 1930F0

Tollett, William Pershing16 Jul 1968M47
Topperwein, Max Toepperwein30 Apr 1975M58

Toppia, Julia05 May 1933F8m

Torres, Abel06 Mar 1941M0

Torres, Abel09 Feb 1940M2m

Torres, Alejandro21 Mar 1935M18d

Torres, Ana Maria03 Jan 1957F4m

Torres, Bernabe27 Feb 1987M100

Torres, Elvira01 Aug 1959F2m

Torres, Fernanda05 Feb 1917F58

Torres, Gilberto13 Jun 1952M67

Torres, Jesus25 Nov 1987M73

Torres, Justa Lopez De16 Jan 1940F63

Torres, Leandro Quinones27 May 1958M65

Torres, Luz01 Jun 1976M71

Torres, Marced10 Sep 1939M20

Torres, Pedro D23 Jan 1978M58

Torres, Raul Perez09 May 1951M1

Torres, Refugia04 Apr 1972F85

Torrez, Unnamed12 May 1944M0

Tovar, Benito08 Jun 1977M66

Tovar, Eufemia27 Jan 1983F83

Tovar, Laura Monica16 Jun 1981F3ml2d

Tovias, Angelita21 Feb 1945F0

Towerton, Richard Leo06 Nov 1979M39

Trammell, Emmett Lamar13 Jun 1950M28
Trammell, Henry Robert21 Mar 1934M79
Trammell, John Smoot07 Oct 1974M46
Trammell, Julius Wright23 Aug 1962M70
Trammell, Lucy Walters16 Apr 1955F91
Trejo, Aurelia H.08 Jun 1986F79

Trejo, Candido25 Aug 1944M10m

Trejo, Federico01 Oct 1979M71

Trejo, Juan20 Oct 1939M86

Trejo, Maria18 Jul 1951F4m

Trevino, Alfredo07 Mar 1930M2m

Trevino, Ana10 Apr 1942F45

Trevino, Arevelio03 Aug 1945M73

Trevino, Arturo29 Jul 1955M68

Trevino, Catarina05 Jun 1939F8

Trevino, Dominga05 Apr 1959F34
Trevino, Felix18 Apr 1947M95

Trevino, Florencia R.24 Aug 1989F86
Trevino, Gilberto28 Nov 1930M1m

Trevino, Gregorio23 Oct 1970M73

Trevino, Guadalupe01 Apr 1951F3

Trevino, Isidro A.18 Sep 1970M38

Trevino, Jacoba D.15 Aug 1971F63

Trevino, Jesusa29 Apr 1936F4

Trevino, Jesusita06 Apr 1940F1

Trevino, Jose15 Apr 1975M71
Trevino, Jose21 Sep 1985M83
Trevino, Josepha11 Jan 1950F25

Trevino, Julia G.31 May 1981F75
Trevino, Margarita23 Apr 1973F45

Trevino, Maria03 Jul 1947F1m

Trevino, Maria06 Dec 1929F-

Trevino, Maria11 Sep 1904F10d

Trevino, Maria de Jesus02 Jun 1940F4m

Trevino, Maria Elena20 Dec 1983F5m 12d
Trevino, Narcio01 Dec 1929M73

Trevino, Octavia22 Feb 1942F71

Trevino, Octaviano17 Jan 1945M80
Trevino, Octaviano17 Jan 1986M72
Trevino, Placido28 Jul 1941M80

Trevino, Rachel Salazar02 Jul 1975F31

Trevino, Ramon08 Jun 1938M69

Trevino, Raul T.10 May 1963M56
Trevino, Romana V.16 Jan 1982F88

Trevino, Sebastian26 Sep 1903M5m

Trevino, Jr, Esteban15 May 1947M4m

Trigg, William Gilbert06 Jul 1937M63
Trijo, Maria13 Jan 1934F1m

Triplitt, Tommy Lee17 Jan 1985M42

Tristan, Hermeregildo02 Jan 1931M1

Tristan, Mario03 Aug 1934M6m

Trugillo, Dora Elia03 Nov 1946F1d

Trujillo, Josefina28 Apr 1956F70

Trujillo, Pedro27 Apr 1952M9m
Trujillo, Pola R05 Jun 1979F70

Trujillo, Tomasa19 Feb 1951F11
Trujio, Jose09 Aug 1943M55

Tuledo, Feliana12 May 1929F72

Tumlinsom, Lottie07 Feb 1918F-

Tumlinson, -04 Dec 1910M-

Tumlinson, Alfred Wiley28 Jul 1961M70
Tumlinson, Calvin07 Apr 1931M1m

Tumlinson, Edith Ruth06 Aug 1982F75
Tumlinson, Edward L.31 Jan 1981M71
Tumlinson, J. M. W.10 May 1903M50
Tumlinson, Lottie Lee27 Jul 1957F66
Tumlinson, Peter Richard07 Mar 1942M72
Tunlinson, Carl Virgil01 Sep 1920M-
Turney, Benjamin Dumas23 Jan 1944M82
Turney, Lydia Ann22 Aug 1945F79
Turney, Mary Maudaline24 Sep 1973F63


Thanks to Bert Bell who made the paper copy of the Dimmit County Death Index.

Thanks to the Dimmit County Clerk, Mario Z. Garcia, for releasing the information for use on the Dimmit County GenWeb page.


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