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Zavala County Confederate Pensions

The individuals listed below applied to the State of Texas for a Confederate Pension from Zavala County. The Texas State Library has extensive files on most of these individuals and their service in the Civil War. To obtain this information, follow the steps below

The application forms and their attached records and correspondence are on file in the State Archives Division of the Texas State Library. You may request copies of any of these files by phone, regular mail, or E-mail inquiry. Each file will vary in number of pages and content; therefore, the State Archives staff will copy each complete file requested and bill you for the total number of pages reproduced. A copy of the pension file will be mailed to you, along with an invoice. The cost is $.10 per page, plus shipping and handling. There is a $1.00 minimum for this service.

Confederate Pension Claimants

Claimant Husband (If Claimant was wife)
Broadhurst, Martha Frances Broadhurst, William Edmond
Churchill, William W.
Davidson, Mary J. Davidson, Walter Young
Davis, Levi Harvey
Davis, Mary M. Davis, Levi Harvey
Derrick, Clara E. Derrick, George Washington
Downs, Amelda Downs, J. M.
Hatfield, Evelyn Hatfield, J. N.
King, Emily Jane King, Solomon Robert
Morrow, George
Ray, Marion
Robertson, Amos Hezekiah
Sawyers, John Hansford
Sawyers, L. O. (Mrs) Sawyers, John Hansford
Sewell, Elizabeth Sewell, William Franklin
Taylor, Francis Marion
Taylor, Thomas Henry
Vancleve, Corteous
West, L. K. (Mrs) West, John

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