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Index of the 1910 Census of Dimmit County

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Census Index Listing
Person Frame Precinct Place SD ED Sht Links
Adams, CoraT624-1547-6222Carrizo Springs153615B1958
Adams, John T.T624-1547-6222Carrizo Springs153615B1959
Adams, VivionT624-1547-6222Carrizo Springs153615B
Adams, WayneT624-1547-6222Carrizo Springs153615B
Aguirre, JosefaT624-1547-6534Asherton15389A
Aguirre, MaliosT624-1547-6534Asherton15389A
Ajala, IsabelT624-1547-6231Carrizo Springs153616A
Ajala, SenoviaT624-1547-6231Carrizo Springs153616A
Ajala, SerafinT624-1547-6231Carrizo Springs153616A
Alanese, GuadalupeT624-1547-6303
Alanese, MargaritaT624-1547-6303
Alanese, Maria V.T624-1547-6303
Alanese, MartaT624-1547-6303
Alanese, StanislawT624-1547-6303
Alesondo, ArmondoT624-1547-6484Asherton15386B
Alesondo, EladioT624-1547-6484Asherton15386B
Alesondo, FranciscoT624-1547-6484Asherton15386B
Alesondo, JuanT624-1547-6484Asherton15386B
Alesondo, Julia LuisT624-1547-6484Asherton15386B
Alesondo, MariaT624-1547-6484Asherton15386B
Alesondo, PedroT624-1547-6484Asherton15386B
Alfarra, MichaelaT624-1547-6091Carrizo Springs15369A
Allen, AnnieT624-1547-6303
Allen, EugeneT624-1547-6192
Allen, James BT624-1547-6303
Allen, LillyT624-1547-6303
Allen, MarionT624-1547-6303
Allen, Ona B.T624-1547-6303
Allen, Orrene O.T624-1547-6303
Allen, Thomas J.T624-1547-6303
Alvada, BacilioT624-1547-6111Carrizo Springs153610A
Amaro, A.T624-1547-6544Asherton15389B
Amaro, VebeniaT624-1547-6544Asherton15389B
Andricas, A.T624-1547-6524Asherton15388B
Andricas, CresincioT624-1547-6524Asherton15388B
Anton, Josefa A.T624-1547-6151Carrizo Springs153612A
Armstrong, E. A.T624-1547-6424Asherton15383B
Armstrong, Earl C.T624-1547-6293
Armstrong, Edith B.T624-1547-6293
Armstrong, George W.T624-1547-6293
Armstrong, Jewel P.T624-1547-6293
Armstrong, LillieT624-1547-6424Asherton15383B
Armstrong, Lilly L.T624-1547-6293
Armstrong, SalT624-1547-6293
Arnoldd, FreddeeT624-1547-6624
Askew, DavidT624-1547-5931Carrizo Springs15361A3719
Askew, Emma N.T624-1547-5931Carrizo Springs15361A3720
Askew, Grace E.T624-1547-5931Carrizo Springs15361A2004
Askew, John W.T624-1547-5931Carrizo Springs15361A2005
Askew, L. ClaireT624-1547-5931Carrizo Springs15361A2006
Askew, Wilson B.T624-1547-5931Carrizo Springs15361A2007
Ausla, AntonioT624-1547-6544Asherton15389B

Note: This file contains 3379 names extracted from a CD ROM copy of the 1910 Dimmit County Census microfilm. The index includes the name of each person listed (see Note below), the microfilm frame number, the Precinct they lived in, the place they lived in (if any), the Census Supervisor District, Enumeration District, and the Sheet Number that they are listed on.  This Census index was prepared and verified where ever possible, but like all Census information is subject to multiple errors, including errors by the Census Taker, errors by person giving the data, and errors in the transcription. Census films are sometimes difficult or impossible to read, so some names are omitted. Other names were clearly misspelled on the Census form, but are entered here as read by the transcriber. Despite these cautions, the information in the Census can be quite helpful.

If you want the full information on any individual listed above, send me an e-mail request giving the name and frame number, and I will look it up for you.

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This listing was prepared by Tom Graham on September, 29, 1997. This information may be freely used for personal research or other non profit use, but may not be copied, published, displayed on another web page, incorporated in a database or otherwise used for profit without permission of the author. H4

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