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Probate Index
La Salle County, Texas

This is a listing of the La Salle County Probate Index. 

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Name Died Heirs Links
Aaronson, E. 06-15-1960 Freda Aaronson, Spouse; Eileen Aaronson Fairman, Roy, Aaronson, Allan Aaronson, , Alvin Aaronson, Children
Abbott, Hubbard H. 12-19-1920 Mahulda Abbott, Parent, Martha Anne Fulton, Sibling; Lorenzo D. Gilbreath, Stepchild; Charles Trueblood, Friend
Abrego, Francisca Garcia 01-03-1987 Feliz Trevino 353
Adami, Dan, Jr. 10-25-1963 Henry Adami, Sibling
Adami, Henry 09-06-1982 Alice A. Martinez, Dora A.; De Los Santos 354
Adami, John G. 12-03-1959 Katherine Lee Adami, Spouse; John G. Adami, Jr., Child 355
Adams, Francisca 07-25-1983 Feliza Adams, Sibling, Norberto Adams, Guadalupe De Anda Cabello, Roberto Soto, Irene Soto, Antonio Adams, Jr, Adan Adams, Ernesto Adams, Adela Adams Cortez, Alicia Adams Inocencio, Nephews & Nieces; Antonio Adams, Brother-In-Law 357
Adams, Glenn H. 10-24-1976 Ruby H. Adams, Sp0use; Douglas Glenn Adams, Sara Frances Adams Urban, Children
Adkins, Gerald Joe 03-18-1971 Frances L. Adkins, Spouse; Linda Riker, Gerald M. Adkins, Children 358
Alaniz, Virginia 12-18-1973 Raymond Vega, Friend 359
Aldaco, Victor, Sr. 07-25-1977 Alicia F. Aldaco, Spouse; Victor Aldaco, Jr., Zenia A. Garza, Roberto F. Aldaco, Julian Aldaco,Children 360
Aldana, Leandro 07-28-1939 Francisco Aldana, Child
Alderman, Clora 12-07-1979 Evelyn Alderman Hearn, Child; James L. Hearn, Grandchild 362
Alderman, E.W. 11-11-1944 Ezra F. Alderman, W.W. Alderman, Children 363
Alderman, Ezra 07-22-1974 Clora Alderman, Spouse; Edith Alderman Headlee, Evelyn Alderman Hearn, Children; Raye Thomas Guest, Stepchild 364
Alderman, Lillian Agnes 02-17-1975 Ruby Lillian Alderman Hohmann, Omar Leroy Alderman, Woodman Neil Alderman, Children 365
Alderman, Margarett A. 12-30-1930 E.W. Alderman, Spouse; Ezra A. Alderman, William Wood Alderman, Ollie E.G. Alderman, Children 366
Alderman, William Woodson 02-03-1956 Lillian A. Alderman, Spouse 367
Aldridge, Albert V. 05-26-1976 Pearlie M. Aldridge, Spouse; Patricia Shilling, Child 368
Aldridge, Pearlie M. 11-26-1976 Patricia Shilling, Child 369
Alexander, Ida Oveta 11-21-1977 A.B. Alexander, Spouse 370
Allerkamp, Louise W. 04-22-1986 Ernest E. Allerkamp, Spouse; Charles Ernest Allerkamp, Child 371
Alvarado, Victor R. 08-19-1943 Josephine Rodriguez, Child 374
Amberson, Joe, Sr. 01-07-1959 Kathleen Amberson, Spouse; Joe H. Amberson, Jr., Gloria Amberson Reeves, Jo Nell Amberson Gravengaard, Children
Anchondo, Felipe 10-24-1902 Elvira Anchondo, Spouse; Rosalio Anchondo, Soledad Anchondo, Simon Anchondo, Ramon Anchondo, Children
Anderson, Colbert 09-19-1956 Irene Anderson, Spouse; Colbert James Anderson, Child 375
Angell, William Varney 12-03-1936 Gladys P Angell, Spouse
Avant, Elizabeth Marley 12-20-1982 Alvin Basil Avant, Sp0use; Vernon Gilbert Avant, Alvin Eugene Avant, June Avant Hooper, Darwin Dee Avant, Michael Duane Avant, Kathryn Avant Karlovec, Children 377
Ayala, Enrique Garza 11-07-1981 Rosa H. Ayala, Spouse; Josefa A. Sanchez, Estella A. Ruiz, Roberto H. Ayala, Enrique H. Ayala, III, Elvia A. Velasquez, Elida A. Linares, Juanita A. Lozano, Adan H. Ayala, Raul H. Ayala, Yolanda A. Sanchez, Children 378
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