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Vivion Cemetery
Zavala County, Texas

The Vivion Cemetery (also called Pendencia Creek Cemetery) is located on private property on a ranch near Cometa and is not accessible to the public. Apache Vivian recently was able to get permission to conduct this survey.

There are at least 17 graves here. Only 9 have inscriptions and one of those is so obscured that it could not be read.


Cemetery Listing
Name Born Died Note Links
White, Pearl L. 05-17-1877 09-13-1877 Daughter of L.J. & G. White
Osgood, Albert L. 04-22-1866 06-29-1869

White, Romey G. 01-13-1888 02-08-1888 Daughter of L.J. & G. White
Fisher, P.L. 11-25-1882 01-02-1882

Vivion, J.T. 12-10-1836 05-28-1896

Vivion, Alpha

Daughter of L. & D. Vivion
Vivion, Clarence 07-21-1896 01-03-1897 Son of J.M. & M.E. Vivion
Vivion, Effre 11-05-1882 05-29-1898 Daughter of J.M. & M.E. Vivion


Additional Notes from Apache Vivian:

#1 Pearl White is the daughter of Louisa & Gray White
#2 Albert Osgood, I am going to assume, was a ward of Louisa and Gray White. (In the 1870 census they have a 5yr. old boy by the name of James Osgood living with them.) Could have been the brother.?
#3 Romey White is another daughter of Louisa & Gray White
#4 P.L. Fisher is the first daughter of Sarah & John King Fisher
#5 J.T.Vivion is John Thomas Vivion, son of Lloyd & Caroline Vivion, married Elizabeth Jane Vivion Feb. 12, 1857
#6 Alpha Vivion - (I haven't been able to figure out who L. & D. Vivion are. I'll let you know if I ever figure it out.)
#7 & 8 are children of James Milton & Mary Elizabeth Vivion - James Milton is the son of Lloyd & Caroline

There are some markers there that are obviously graves but only a large stone for the head and a small stone for the foot was placed. If they were ever incribed, the weather has definately taken it's toll, unfortunately. There could be even more than what I found but the terrain makes it hard to decide whether some of the rocks were markers or just a rock in the ground. I guess we'll never know for sure.

It has been suggested by Tim Dorrycott that #6 Alpha Vivion is the daughter of Lafayette Vivion and Alpha Idania White. H4 Lafayette Vivion is buried in the Fowlerton Cemetery.

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